Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 Productivity Report

I was thinking about ways to keep myself accountable with how much work and effort I'm putting in to my writing.

I decided to write blog posts at the beginning of each month detailing what I've accomplished. I find it's an easy way to keep myself honest with how I'm spending my time. So this will either be a way to impress myself or shame myself.

The month of January was shameful!!!

I don't know how much of a pass I should give myself on this one, but I was sick the majority of the month. In fact I was rife with viruses, colds, and food poisonings since Christmas. Every time I got a little better and was on the mend, some other viral ninja shurikened my immune system and I was out of commission. This torturous cycle lasted for three and a half weeks and stole any kind of progress I would've liked to have made on my book and short stories.

Not a good way to begin the year.

I was able to flesh out some character backstories and ancillary story material for my novel. So it wasn't a complete bust for January productivity.

It's February 1st and I'm still experimenting on how to divide my time. I'm going to try and alternate weeks. One week for a short story, and the next week for the novel, etc.

We'll see how this goes and hopefully I'll have a longer list of accomplishments for the March 1st Productivity Report.


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