Saturday, July 5, 2014

Home stuff

Yesterday was the 4th of July. Didn't do anything special. In part because it was raining in the afternoon and evening. The wife and I did take care of a lot of home cleaning so hopefully our free time will be better spent doing something fun. 

Even though I wasn't able to get any writing done, I was able to read some short story nominees for the Hugo ballot. I read three out of the four yesterday. Hopefully I'll get to the last today. The three I read we're both beautifully written. All about relationships in some way (and heartbreak).

Three out of the four stories are ten pages or less. The last one is over thirty pages. I wonder what the word count is for short stories according to the Hugo rules? 

Hopefully I'll get some writing in today. I'd like to have the current story be done by the end of the month. July 30th to be exact, which is my son's first birthday. Sounds like a long way away, but I don't know how long this story is going to be. It feels like I'm discovery writing the thing, which is something I've never done before. Here's to progress. 

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